Still rewinding your VHS tapes manually?

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question – my computer does not have a cd player. can i digitally download the software from the world wide web?


The tablet! The tablet!

We have lived by its word, and peace has reigned throughout our world. Pass it on to others! So that they too may be enlightened!*

Be kind! Rewind!

Reconcile your past in order to move into your future!

Two for one every Wednesday.

Give twice as much as ye receive on our most sacred of days. Every Wednesday.

Large adult entertainment section in the back.


I was still buying VHS tapes up until about 2014 or so (when I finally got tired of being burned on chewed up or snowy used tapes)-- they were 5 for a dollar at the thrift stores, and you could get some cool oddities, and a lot of the Hollywood stuff I would never have rented for $2 back in the 90’s. Even recently I saw a Kieslowski complete Dekalog box set on VHS for cheap and briefly thought about buying it, even though I don’t even have a player anymore.

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You have to load it from a cassette tape, I’m afraid.



That was amazing. The “just like that” moment had me in tears. A perfect “IoT is the same thing but worse” realization that we’ve all had with appliances that didn’t need improving.

Also Aubrey Plaza :heart_eyes:


This is a religion I could get behind.


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