Stolen dog, Otis, returned to heroic owner

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This Otis regrets he was unable to make them pay.


Yeah, but off-leash. Come on dog-owners, be better people. Walking an off-leash dog is like flying a drone in public, blindfolded.

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WTF is wrong with people?


(They) had 'im

Depends on the dog, many are more well behaved and predictable than children off the leash… Should they all have leads too?

I don’t know if it was intentional, but your post seems like classic victim-blaming to me.

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True story: I once had a summer job that involved emptying out the trash bins at that particular dog park.

I don’t recommend it as a long-term career path.


But isn’t that the problem? Joe Q Public doesn’t know how well behaved or not the not-under-its-owner’s-physical-control animal might be, so they’re all equally anxiety-inducing.

Didn’t mean to imply that this bad decision in any way justifies the dognapping.

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Off leash dog walking is a thing around my place. There are designated “under voice control” areas that, having lived on two, I can pretty safely say self manage amazingly well.

There are rarely if ever fights between dogs, dogs and people, dogs and peoples food they left laying around on the beach, etc. It is totally manageable and responsible owners make it work. The few irresponsible ones pretty quickly go away.

That said these are designated and VERY argued over places. Off leash walking of either of my dogs on a city street is just not going to happen. They’d be run over.

I really don’t like walking them off leash just due to the skunk hazard. I will go to an off leash dog park, sometimes, but they don’t seem to enjoy it/need more space than my well fenced in yard. I still worry about skunk, raccoon, bob cats and foxes.


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