Story of the man who became Playgirl's Playmate of the Year 1979

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For those of you unfamiliar with Playgirl, think about Playboy magazine, but for women and filled with photos of guys showing their junk.

Somewhat apocryphal, but I’d always heard that the readership is mostly male.

Just people who are into junk.

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Lou’s excitement of having Howie take on the role as XXX Mary Poppins (with his more modern take on spoonfuls of sugar),

Manischewitz, that’s funny.

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Sometime in the mid 80’s I was checking in on a print job with a visit to a shop where pre-press strippers were working on an issue of Playgirl . Mind you this is before pre-press moved into air conditioned rooms full of Macs and latte mugs. So, there are a bunch of bearded print shop dudes visually akin to Hell’s Angel bikers bent over slicks and backlit images of man butts, junk and ridiculous poses involving hay bails. LOL It was a sight that I will never forget.


It is apocryphal, and I wonder what percentage of that is true, and what percentage of that comes from people who are Afraid Of Catching The Gay.

I’ve seen numbers anywhere from 20% to 80% male subscription rates, with insider numbers being more like 40% male. Sharp contrast with Playboy, where male subscriber rates are more like 80%.

Sorry for the coming soapbox, but here goes.

I don’t begrudge guys who turn to such sources. It’s probably less embarrassing to buy than a gay porn mag, and I’d wonder how many of them are deeply closeted and unhappy, or maybe even just curious if they’ll get aroused by such imagery. From the straight man side, it surprised me when I subscribed to Domai (which stood for Dirty Old Man’s Association International) back in the pre-Met-Art days. Several letters to the site owner came from women, and in at least one case, a trans man. We could shame people for objectification, but it seems unkind at best to judge people’s repressed sexual desires because we don’t like how the models are treated. IMHO we should be advocating for better treatment of the talent.

That sounds like an accurate description of a former boss of mine. Prepress work was a hot, dirty job back in the day.


This reminds me of the movie Almost Famous, one of my all time favorites. This book would totally be great as a feature film.

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This exactly, at least from the story of how Peter Steele posed for Playgirl.

(I read up on this once, because a lady friend of mine tasked me with finding these images. She was very appreciative.)

So, uh, broomstick in her chimney or what?

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