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This one still makes me want to grasp myself for comfort:

And, to keep any piglets from latching.

Now, granted, this was the back cover image, not the front, but it’s stuck with me.

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I’ve actually never liked that photo, and think the US version was better looking, simply from an artistic point of view (same for the Blind Faith LP with the naked girl on front).


Hmmm… I think the US version is a bit better, but I’m not really that enthused with either cover. I actually think the Blind Faith cover is nicely iconic, though.


Perhaps a rusty trombone?


@nungesser beat you to it


If I’ve learned anything from “The Simpsons”, it’s that people who play trombone are called “tromboners.”


My brother in law is a musician (with a passion for tromboning) and explained to me that basically any accordion joke can apply to the trombone as well. I guess trombonists are like the accordionists of the brass world.

Like this classic: “the trombonist walked into a bar and realized his car was unlocked with his trombone inside. He quickly realized his mistake, but not fast enough because by the time he went outside to lock his car, there were 20 more trombones inside.”


There have been albums I initially passed up because I saw trombone listed on the back (Terje Rypdal’s “Odyssey” for example), only to later realize they were great albums.

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I’m sure he’d be glad to know that.


" Taking to the stage in the form we see on this LP, immediately hypnotized a crowd. He often dared patrons in the front row to grab his titties."

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I’ve heard of “French kissing”-- apparently there’s such a thing as “French horning” too.


I was thinking Ratt…


Not even a single rodent. And who wears socks with heels?


There was a craze of “plant music” albums back in the 70’s for some reason (maybe there was a study showing house plants grew better with music, or maybe it was just that gardening was becoming popular and record labels tried to cash in.) Some albums were new electronic pieces (Mort Garson’s “Plantasia”) but most were just typical Baroque-era classical that record labels could re-brand as being “for plants”, like this one.


Nah, there was some sort of study that claimed that talking to plants would help them to grow, and it all mushroomed from there.

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That gives me an idea: Music For Mushrooms, I think it would have to be pretty dark.


I think that started with The Secret Life of Plants, which was popular enough to have its own documentary with a really lovely soundtrack by Stevie Wonder. The movie has scenes with him doing things that Stevie should probably never do, like float on a lake in a boat all by himself.


I’m down with keeping my pants happy.

ETA: yes, that was an autocorrect typo you damn pendants. :blush:


Yes but what does that have to do with your roses?