Strange juxtaposition during an airing of A Muppet Family Christmas

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This reminds me of the time Casey Kasem who was bitching about coming out of an uptempo song, and then does a sad long distance dedication.


Fuck Snuggles.



(No, discourse, it was not a complete sentence, but here is one.)


"Ted Koppel’s panelists will include Dr. C. Monster, who will ask ask the critical question “Is baby made from cookiez??”


Empowerment of “The Talent”.

I think he has a point though. How do you transition from something like “Mmm Bop” to talking about a dead dog. If they have a serious long distance dedication, see if you can work it in after a slower, more somber song.

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The real question is, what happened to those pictures he was supposed to see?

Oh, I fully agree with his point; it was his delivery that disturbed me, ramping up to a level so manic, so extreme, so — entitled? — that the intended audience – spoken to as if they were dogs – would be forgiven for not enthusiastically embracing his concern however valid. From my own experience, the way to handle unskilled/uncaring support groups who can’t take measured, considerate hints, is to go straight to their supervisor… whose job it is to make sure the people assigned to him/her are given everything they need which includes clear goals and instructions. Whether Kasem’s message ever got through – I don’t know – but I could see that he came off looking like an asshole; totally unnecessary.

Probably more appropriate for Easter… Jesus Christ! :grin:

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