"Strange rocks" reported in Mexico


It’s iodine. See the following discussion on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1kz6zo/space_rock_could_it_be_radioactive_reddit_i_need/

Given the notoriously unfriendly behavior of the Mexican drug synthesis and distribution community, I have the unpleasant feeling that whoever found and publicized it might have been better off if it were actually a radioactive space rock.

Great Reddit comments… I need to visit there more often.

Looks a lot like a pumice stone for buffing off calluses and such:

The Revlon one’s white or very light grey, but if you Google for them you’ll find them in all shades from light to very dark.

Rocks that smell of chlorine? Obviously Clorox.

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Especially the thread starting here:

Nope - iodine. See Reddit thread (probably related to meth production, according to the apparently better informed on Reddit)

Really cool. So did anyone figure out where it would have come from?

I dunno about Mexico, but “strange” certainly rocks around here.

Has anyone asked the wonderful Carlos?

Thanks for reminding me about Night Vale :slight_smile:

At least the stones are being analyzed; people could have just taken them home without knowing what they were.

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