Strategic butt-coverings in video-games

Why is that?
Because I think that there’s way to much pissing and moaning and not enough doing?
Whining get’s you nowhere and make’s you look lazy at the very least.

Don’t like what’s going around you? Change it.

I guess you’ve never heard of activism and enhancing awareness and using one’s platform to transmit a message.

Although you seem to care more about making sure a youtuber is allowing people to abuse her, threaten her and generally sidetrack from the message of her work, than you really care about doing stuff to improve the situation.

I’d say you’re the one who isn’t into doing anything. Why don’t you go and write an email to Sarkeesian if you’re unhappy with the way she’s managing her channel. That’s what made you pipe up in the first place, troll.


I might just take you up on that.


And you call me a troll.
If they wish to post a a video comment and not wish to hear dissenting message then what’s the point in the first place?

And then we need someone to point out the obvious?
Again, Gum flapping get’s you nowhere in my book. Go out and do something to change it.

You know, if someone had a problem with what Sarkeesian said, they could expend just as much effort as she did, possibly even less, making their own video.

Nobody’s entitled to a platform, even if everyone has freedom of speech in the US.

Perhaps it’s you advocating for people to be lazy. Perhaps there’s little dissenting opinion Sarkeesian got, and instead she got just a shitton of death threats and abuse. Actually not perhaps. That’s what actually happened. It’s pretty well known in fact. Your complaining about her not having open comments singles you out as either completely ignorant of her and other feminist commentators’ situations, or just one more jackwagon out to abuse feminists on youtube.


The funny thing is you assume I’m a male. You also assume I have no idea about gammergate.[quote=“LDoBe, post:117, topic:72494”]
Perhaps it’s you advocating for people to be lazy.
Why yes. because I didn’t type:

Mmmm what’s that about athletic bodies?


Why don’t you go expain to her about how you have the perfect solution to her issues with sexism in gaming then, instead of “bitching and moaning”

As you say discussion is pointless.

Seems kind of ironic though that you went to the effort of signing up to a forum powered by Discuouse though.


I said [quote=“grym_one, post:118, topic:72494”]
pissing and moaning
But whatever fit’s your narrative.

Enjoy your day.

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I can handle a correction on that point. I was wrong on that one after all.


I really feel your pain about Anita not enabling comments on her video. She’s deprived of the deep insights and clever witticisms you’re sharing here. How could someone be so arrogant as to publish something without making it a platform to hear what you have to think about it? Perhaps you could try a sternly written email to her to share your very important opinions?


I wasn’t criticising your post.

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I know I was criticizing my own impulsive use of language.

Now I’ve had to study that picture. The one exception to my comment seems to be holding a basketball - which is not track or field.

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It’s weird to ask these kinds of games to have deeper character development, it’s like criticizing a sports car for a lack of cargo space. You have to judge things on their intent.

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What exactly do you think the point of that video was besides judging things by their intent?


When I was a gay 9th grader, I used to love sex stories, like Penthouse Letters or stuff that I would say to straight friends knowing that they would jack off over it at some point. These would be superficially stories about women, yes, but if you were watching from space what you’d see is men providing erotic stimulation to men, with no women present.

So it’s easy for me to see that sexiness in video games is exactly the same thing: a form of queer sexual interaction between men. Of course I don’t mean that as an insult, nor do I mean gamers are “gay”. I just think it’s hard to talk clearly about women in video games without acknowledging that they aren’t women.


My ex was a serious runner and I was not, so i spent a LOT of time at running events just watching the people go by. I can tell you that even the very good runners rarely conform to the sexy body type. I’ve been pretty surprised at some fast runners who have thick thighs and odd proportions.

My ex was quite fast and there were a few women who could hang with him that he would have as running partners - these were women who were Olympic caliber runners (one of his old running partners was actually up for the Olympic trials) - and yes some of them were attractive but often they were fit looking not like swim suit model attractive.

When you see women in skin tight clothing who are actually exercising, it’s really not the same as when you watch a picture that is framed in such a way as to draw emphasis to the sexy parts. I saw lots of ladies in spandex and very rarely did I feel like it was a sexual display. In fact, pretty much never did I see that at a race. People were dressed for comfort and performance.


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