Stray dog joins Swedish adventure race


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Spoiler alert:

They didn’t euthanize the dog after all.


A few months ago my buddy let his dog outside to pee while we took a break from working in the garage. The dog bolted from us and didn’t return for about two cigarette’s time, but when she did, she was carrying a recently-killed rabbit. She dropped the rabbit at his feet, and then backed off about four steps and essentially stood guard over us and the rabbit. It was pretty neat to witness, and even better when we ate the rabbit the next morning (with healthy portions allotted to the dogs, natch).
Having taken in a rescue here and there in the past, I hope the Swedes don’t boot the dog outside when they see the initial vet bills… :scream_cat:

I doubt that people who have the wherewithal to spend months training and jetting around the world for international Adventure Racing Championships are going to balk at the bill for a veterinary checkup.

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Jack London (or was it Joseph Conrad?) wrote about a scruffy dog that came with him on many adventure, often disappearing until the boats were about to leave and then bounding into the surf after them. They got separated on a glacier on opposite sides of a huge crevice, but he was finally able to coax the dog to make a near suicidal dash over an ice bridge.

That must have been one heck of a tasty meatball.

This article looked like it would continue after the jump, but what happened next was pure clickbait.

Sometimes a dog chooses you.

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