Stream Season 1 of Transparent FREE today only (24 January)




I know this is going to make me sound like an old relic, but I hope this is a prelude to the series being available on DVD soon.


Also Prime is 72 dollars plus tax today only. Glad i didn’t renew my membership last week. Prime these days is 99 dollars plus tax so its a steal. Make sure to find the ad/banner for the discount, if you try to get prime through the regular link it’ll give you the standard price.


I realize my opinion isn’t typical but I hated Transparent…I found it boring and totally unrelatable. The sex scenes are gratuitous (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and don’t contribute much to the overall arc of the story.

I guess if you’re a part of the L.A.milieu, then you probably know a bunch of fucked up people like these characters and can appreciate the grand importance of the series. I just thought it was pretentious and shallow.


I wonder which came first, the show’s concept or the title?


I like the series so far - I binge-watched it up the the last two episodes. It got hard for me when the jerky son was blowing off the rabbi, because she was so awesome and sweet. I am an utter monster magnet (which I am ok with) but that was the sort of date I could only wish to have.

I find the series so far to be well done. From a personality, family, gender identity perspective I find it relatable and insightful - even though I can’t relate specifically to the challenges of being in a fairly well-off Jewish family in the Los Angeles area. These aspects of the story I thought did flesh it out a bit and provide more real-world context for the characters.

Considering that most television (IMO) avoids sincere consideration of sex and gender as topics, and especially the personal lives of older people, I liked that they made some of the choices they did. And I think that Tambor was excellent casting, despite the controversy of not casting a trans actor. Gender fluidity has always been obvious for me, and easy to take for granted that it is in reality, despite encountering people and situations for whom this is not the case.

Of course, because of the usual treatment, a series which comes along like this can seem precious and self-important. But I have enjoyed it anyway.


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