Street interview: what do Japanese think of the coronavirus?

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Everyone with a brain Most are in agreement that China has been lying and withholding information about the seriousness of the virus.



guy in red coat speaks sooo fasssst

I know that masks are not that effective, says the lady wearing a mask.

Right? And last weekend, China was accusing the USA of fearmongering and spreading lies.

And this week, the stories are coming out that local police in Wuhan targeted doctors who were trying to communicate with other doctors that SARS-like patients were coming through their hospitals IN DECEMBER.

Come on, China. Not that USA is perfect, but this is yet another example why the Chinese government is completely rotten.


going by this and that the chinese were possibly looking at the next…

and forgot the urgency mode

, but it makes me feel better, she concluded?

Aren’t masks for stopping you giving your cold to other people, not for stopping you getting the latest star of a King Gizzard song?

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I am thinking that the media has tired of this story and moved on. Unfortunately, the virus is moving on as well, and the 3% mortality forecast is probably on the optimistic side. Don’t sleep on this, it is just getting started.

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