”Strong Coffee Served Here,“ a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool


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I would hate to go in there and find that Strong was a brand name.


It’s not a brand name. It’s a way of life. Their Dark Roast Sumatran is addictive. I’ve hooked friends around the world on it. I can’t visit without a few pounds of it in my suitcase.


Meanwhile, my simple desire to grab a bag of Whole Bean coffee at my Safeway was thwarted by management’s decisions to

  1. Whittle the whole bean selection down to two varieties, and give the remainig shelf space over to K-cups. The grinders seem to be missing.
  2. Downplay the typography of the “ground”/“whole bean” on the packaging-- so that the process of “just grabbing a bag” becomes a matter of carefully perusing the shelves and reading each label. Ugh.
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In that case consider this an invitation, although coffee is already too much a part of my life. Some days I look like this:

“Strong” Coffee sounds to me like some sort of euphemism for coffee with booze in it.

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