Study: first drug more likely to be cannabis than nicotine or alcohol


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First non-medical drug is nearly always caffeine.


everyone’s gateway drug is refined sugar.


For me, it was cheese.


Television. It’s always television.


I knew a guy whose first drug was LSD, his older brother gave him some when he was nine. Interestingly, he turned out to be both a serious mathematician and a very good visual artist (but I was in a band with him for a short while and he was a horrible singer.)


Wait… are you talking about cheese or Cheese?


Or even Cheese?


I had a joint before any cigarettes, and didn’t like coffee for a good few years after that.
My friend pushed it on me, forced me to like it and now I don’t know if I’m addicted or not. Damn you, caffeine, but your delivery system tastes good.


I smoked a decent amount of weed in high school but had never touched a cigarette. Freshman year of college a dormmate offered me a hit of his joint. Not knowing it was tobacco (heavily) mixed in with weed, I hit it as hard as I would a regular joint, and ended up puking and spending a good part of the evening with the shakes and spins in my bed…


Ew. Yup, I remember when people used to do bongs with a cannabis/tobacco mix. Filthy.

I haven’t smoked it for years, and am also now on day 14 of vaping instead of cigarettes. Coffee doesn’t taste the same in the morning but I’ll probably get more mornings, so…


Knowing the gateway is not as useful as knowing how to bust down the fence.


I blame Huey Lewis and his so-called “News”.


Breast milk is the biggest gateway drug of all.

We must combat the scourge of mammalianism with every resource available!


Same, and feeling this v hard. You can do it!


Go Team Quitters!! :metal: :smiley:


So umm about that nitrogen oxygen mix we breathe.


I’m for whatever gets these kids off of the Tide Pods.


Yeah, I started out with pot. Waterfall bongs in high school made out of glass Sobe bottles. Then I got hooked on cigarettes and that lasted ten years. Managed to quit with Chantix. Made it so easy it doesn’t really feel like an accomplishment.

Just from my experience, I’d say that booze and weed’s availability and social acceptability ought to be reversed.


Oh god… late teenage years come flooding back. Jeez, that was nasty. When I started rolling joints later I wondered where the godawful head rush had gone.