Study shows gender-affirming chest surgery produces "overwhelmingly positive" results

The argument against gender affirming surgery, largely what you said, still falls firmly in the “ok, if you don’t like it, don’t do it” category for me. Why in the world would I care if someone I don’t know, or even someone I do know, gets this surgery to make themselves feel better? I have zero deserved ownership in the genitals or chest areas of anyone besides myself, although I am quite fond of those of my spouse, so who the heck am I to say what they do with theirs? Do we need permission slips from legislation for ear piercings too?


Depending on your locale, there might be friendlier professionals nearby. There is a series of local, regional, and nationwide networks of social work therapists who are very willing to help.


poor desantis is going to have an aneurysm over that

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Nope. He’ll just declare it “woke” and ban it in FL. See? No prob, easy-peasy.


Yes, after they have made sure it’s not treatible by other means, even minors can have “top surgery” (sometimes it’s a tumor producing excess female hormones)

Because affirming the gender you were assigned at birth is OK, even to taking unnaturally high doses of testesterone to look more “masculine” (RFKjr, Joe Rogan et al), implanting artificial devices under your skin to look more “feminine” or “masculine” (breast implants, chin surgery) … cutting away body parts (nose and ear sculpting)


Thanks for the help, but I’m able to get the letters now. However the local hospital is giving me other problems that are preventing me from getting surgery.


I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope you are able to overcome this.


Not when it happens to trans girls who have non-accepting parents, with the support of the Republican party.

I have heard stories about people who had it forced on them, and it is not much of a stretch to believe that it could happen as punishment for non-conforming behaviour when less invasive treatment is more suitable.


This is the irony in all these protests about surgery on minors- doctors have been doing this for decades (maybe longer?) with no consent. For most of modern medical history, the standard of care for intersex babies with ambiguous genitalia (more common than people think) was that the doctor would simply pick something, surgically modify the baby, and the baby would be raised that way. They were literally manufacturing gender dysphoria on a regular basis. This history doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.


Almost always, if the genitalia were ambiguous, they were made female. Explained to me as “It is way easier to make a hole than a pole.” Now, this was back in the '80’s. I think I am correct in saying this has been phased out pretty much everywhere. At least I hope this is the case. It certainly should be. Although reviewing current recommendations, there are still places that will do surgical corrections on infants based on genetic analysis. Which is far better than just “this way is easier,” but still less than satisfactory.


Way further back than that, I can tell you.

I wanted to mention something that might seem at first as being a tangent, but I think it relates. In fact, this is a good starting point:

The one reconstruction surgery due to cancer that is automatically covered by insurance is for women who have had breast cancer. And even if you ask to have the other side cut DOWN to match, rather than artificially inflate the cancerous side (and maybe both) to be bigger, it seems the norm in the medical world is to assume you don’t really want them as small as you say you do. Prophylactic double mastectomy with no implants for a young woman? Almost heresy.

Choosing to cut off your breasts because you’re not actually a woman is a problem in our society because breasts make you look like a woman, and a woman and her breasts are sexual objects for public consumption. How dare you purposely eviscerate those? Strange men on the streets have a right to ogle them, and now they can’t!

A man can make choices for himself, but a (perceived) woman has no right to self determination. Which is probably a major reason for the high satisfaction rate once they’re gone! At that point, society is much more likely to see you as you yourself do, as a man.


Can attest. My wife had a double mastectomy with reconstruction (because she chose to do so, I would have been fine either way.) We discovered that the surgeon used an implant a size larger than they had talked about, only by about 50 ccs, but still. He said something about the “cosmetics worked out better” or some such. Honestly, our post-op experience was so terrible that it was only considerably later that I even processed this little gem.


I will forever be thankful to the surgeon who didn’t question why I needed a breast reduction. He just agreed and went to bat with the insurance company to get me what I needed. Which was great. Because I had already run that gauntlet with my father. An infuriating and disgusting and creepy as fuck conversation
I was incredibly fortunate to get that surgeon. I have never regretted my breast reduction. It must be even nicer for a trans person to get the surgery they need. Not every trans person does, from what I understand. But those who do should absolutely not have to play these stupid games


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All the plastic surgeons I have ever spoken with told me their most satisfied patients were breast reduction patients. Very very happy women not hauling around a bunch of dead weight. Men should not get a vote in the matter.


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