Study shows mainstream press condemns Nazis and anti-racist activists at comparable rates

I’m not even sure we can produce one of those types from an actual far-left organization (which is NOT, again NOT Antifa) in a good long time. Hell, I can’t even think of an anarchist who’s caused a death since President McKinley was shot. Sure, some black block types set a poor guy’s limo on fire and punched Richard Spencer, but not sure there’s a record of any of them killing as part of a protest/riot.

So yeah, they’ve succeeded in the media, even among moderate left wing people in the regular public, who I’ve recently caught parroting the “both sides” and “I don’t like them, but they had permits” arguments when talking to people they’d normally scream at for being Fox News conservatives.

And while we’re at it, how come I keep hearing the mainstream media (you know, the bastion of liberal lies?) go along with “violent rioting at night” in St. Louis, while not mentioning the peaceful daytime protests or video of police knocking a protester down and literally just stepping over her like some N. Korean military parade? WTF?


It’s not like those lazy twits had a lot of work to do. In its pursuit of a simple-minded version of “objectivity” the American MSM has been doing this for decades.


I know, I meant “broadcast” in the sense of “centralized information intended for broad distribution”, not the tech they use to do it.

Color me surprised. Remember the business model: selling eyeballs – and eyeballs follow the horse race. In modern media coverage between Arisia and Eddore, the media would make sure that they portrayed them as neither better than the other.

Also known as a ‘perpetual propaganda machine,’ for rent to the highest bidder…


Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Also, collusion can arise without intention on most or any of the participants’ parts.

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This is exactly why I believe the corporate media have reached and passed the tipping point that the amount of decent, relatively honest reporting they do is more than outweighed by the harm their dishonest reportage (and worse) does to society. At best, they’re a waste of time because they far too often fail to inform in any manner that matters.


And that would be wrong? :sunglasses:

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A pox on all overlords.


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