Studying the sounds of Blade Runner

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I have a copy of the sound track, it’s very amazing.


Me too! It’s utterly brilliant.

But OMG, “Vangelis” is pronounced with a hard G? I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all these years???

Jeez, next thing you know someone’s going to tell me “GIF” is supposed to be pronounced that way too. As if.


If you have the equipment:

The sound just rolls around you.

If you cannot buy it anywhere, I’m sure an iso is somewhere on the net

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I asked a Greek friend once about the proper pronunciation of his name, and she pronounced it with a silent “n” and a hard “g”. Seems like we’ve ALL been mispronouncing his name through the years.

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Seeing the film at 18 had a huge impact on the kind of music I’ve gone on to listen to.

This is a video of a man explaining brilliant scoring and opulent soundscapes that you can’t hear because he’s explaining them to you.


How did he get that “meep meep” sound?


If anyone here hasn’t heard them, it’s REALLY worth tracking down two unofficial releases, both on the “Esper” imprint:

While the “ultimate edition” compilation version of the soundtrack is indeed definitive, it’s the “Los Angeles November 2019” that gets the most spins in this house. It’s all ambient sound effects, incidental, and mood objects, culled from the movie, official video game versions, and other sources. The ultimate ambient Blade Runner.

UPDATE: And now it seems there’s a 25th(?) anniversary Esper Edition, expanded, remastered, I guess I’m going to have to find this one now.


PLEASE tell me there is matching font for that!

Unfortunately picture disks are notorious for not good sound quality. Due to the manufacturing process there will always be more noise than a normal LP.

I know, right? I’ve decided it’ll always be a soft-g for me personally, hard-g in public.

That was a surprise to me, too – I saw Jon Anderson in concert last year (who’s recorded with Vangelis quite a bit) and he pronounced his name as “Van-Gell-is”, with a hard G. I had no idea!

One of my favorite soundtracks of all time.

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And guess what? I have a simliar font but forgot about it…

I guess you added in the bird yourself?

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