Stupendous library cake


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Beautiful! Paging @Jilly! I think I found your birthday cake!


This needs an entry in the Cake thread:


The cake is a lie-brary,


I mean, there are tons of lies in a librar oh I see.


One of my sweeties is a librarian, another works in the teen services department (of a different library.) I have sent them each a link to this article. The next birthday of either of them is June, so I wonder if eight months is enough for me to find someone to make this!


But does it have the taste of old books?


I know a preservation librarian who’s a stickler for keeping books and food separate.

She’d love this.


Also known as: the cake which has been posted to every librarian’s facebook page umpteen-gorillion times.


I was just at a library conference where someone used a pic of this cake in a slide! Librarians rule! We even have our our Bill of Rights: :slight_smile:


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