Sturdy adjustable kickstand for phones and tablets

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When you say “tablets”, do you mean real 10-inch or bigger tablets, or only little 7-inch tablets? And does it work for portrait-mode, or is it the kind that’s only really useful for landscape and falls over if you try portrait-mode?

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I have something very similar. It’s sold under wide variety of names.

My main problem is it’s not compatible with tablets inside a case. The front “lip” is too narrow for a tablet inside a case to fit properly.

Other than that, yes, it’s a good deal for that price. And it’s heavier than it looks.

If you can fit it in the front lip, any tablet should work. It’s solid enough that even 10 inchers should be no problem, portrait or landscape.

Alternately, you can get an almost all-metal tablet stand same basic idea, from Anker for just a little more. Available in white, for the fanbois.

I’ve ordered four of these, I’ve given them as gifts.

I’ve used the Griffin A-Frame for years, but it seems to have jumped in price, so I’m all for a cheaper soluton. But the A-frame is really good if you find it cheap.

A-Frame on Amazon

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