Stylish furniture made from discarded supermarket trolleys


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Neat but that looks uncomfortable.


I think I’d buy it if it were within my budget, but definitely needs cushions.


Yup. Looks uncomfortable/needs cushions.


I dunno. Daneel Jr likes sitting in in unupholstered shopping carts just fine, maybe they aren’t as uncomfortable as they look?


I made one into a movable dog kennel once, Whiskey [dog’s name] loved it in there.


Bigger than the Trolleyshoppus Rex?


Just look at that banana bag


It’s probably similar to garden chairs like this one

Not extremely comfy - but even without cushions fine for some time.


Discarded? You mean by the people who stole them?


A brewery in town has some. You definitely get waffle-butt after just a few mins


Soon to be outfitted with auto-containment mechanisms so they can’t moved out of the room.


Bubbles aproves


If you really want metal waffle-prints on your butt, sure.


Is that street legal, cause I want that to be my new ride?


I don’t know, but Edd China usually tries to make his vehicles UK street legal. I can’t see a number plate though.

These are roadworthy though.


Seems like a better use of the thing.


Yeah, I like that one.

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