Suburban Chicago library set to fire only African American librarian who spoke out about racial equity


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Decent people getting out and doing something decent. Good on them!

And of course, good on Lesley for trying to undo some of the library’s years of whitewashing.


This (people standing up for the librarian) has the potential to be a wonderful thing.


Making white people uncomfortable is a firing offense… while strangling communities of color is just part of what american institutions are about. This is exactly what #blacklivesmatter is trying to get everyone else to notice.


What a bunch of garbage people at that library. Assholes every one of them.


Looks like it’s about time to push out the board.

Maybe Lesley Williams will be a good candidate to fill one of the soon-to-be-open seats.


Just another group of rich white folks trying to mind their own business by getting rid of the reality that people of color really exist…The petty motherfuckers would be yelling the loudest about how open-minded they are, probably a few whose best friend is…


I read the story, and I still have no idea what the issues are. Perhaps I can find other sources tomorrow.


I’m actually shocked to learn this is Evanston. All I can think of is that this is another example of long-hidden prejudice bursting out because we now have a government and society that supports the hatred again.


Wow, every one? You can discern this on the basis of two quotes? I stand in awe of your powers of human garbage detection.


Suburban Chicago library set to fire only African American librarian who spoke out about racial equity

Hero’s are rising. Get used to it America.


It’s a f’ing thing dude!


I call them Citizens.


Roger That!


The Great Firing of Alexandria Lesley.


It surprised me too, so I went and looked up some of the stories about this and the earlier suspension in the Trib, the Reader, and the Daily Northwestern. It certainly does seem that the city has been remiss in equality of opportunity in employment and provision of access, to a degree not in keeping with what I’ve always thought of as a tradition of pride in having good race relations in the city.

On the other hand, from the broader news coverage there also seem to be other issues here that make this look less like a cut-and-dried hatchet job than the linked article would suggest.


Is that good or bad? :thinking:


Well, it’s better than what I thought I read at first: Suburban Chicago library set fire to only… At least Trump’s Amerika hasn’t gone quite that far. Yet.


Doesn’t seem like anyone at the library that is in a leadership role is standing up for her. I’d be happy to revise my post accordingly if i am wrong, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.


What do you mean? That you have no clue that racism was a thing and that it still exists?