Summer horror spectacular Slotherhouse declared a "masterpiece"

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I’m waiting for the killer capybara movie. Or maybe Hell Hamster.


If someone doesn’t package this up as a triple feature with Cocaine Bear and a rerelease of Monkey Shines, the world has failed us again.

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Seems the money flows for these crazy movie concepts… gotta be tax shelter and other advantages because it sure ain’t to foster stunning creative talent.

Winnie Pooh Blood & Honey stands out as a very craptastic effort. A thin sliver of an idea somehow manifests into equipment rental, casting, caterings, editing, promotion… boggles the mind. The brass ring they go for is a Netflix deal to cover their costs (and the bragging rights that come with big streamer distribution)

The end material is still shite, your family only came to the premier to meet more interesting people than you. Don’t take that as a sign of encouragement to continue churning out the turd sausages. Not everyone strikes gold with flying sharks.

Don’t misunderestimate horror fan’s love of producing crazy nonsense either.


“A film about a murderous sloth rampaging through a sorority house is smarter and funnier than one might expect.”

Really, it would have to be, given that my expectations (especially after the trailer) are less than nothing.

“Want to see a sloth stab a woman to death?..Want to see a sloth[etc]”

Uh, no, I don’t. Maybe it is better than (deepest hell-pit) expectations, but they’re really not selling it, here.


No, Kristin Bell!! NOOOOOO!!!


“Night Of The Banana Slug”

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Darn. I’ll have to rewrite large parts of the script. Night Of The Sea Cucumber perhaps?

(I might have known you would know about this. User name checks out.)

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Since they’re black slugs in the original, you might still be able to do a sequel, “Slugs 2: The Bananaing”


The Pooh movie was definitely low-effort, but also extremely low-budget as far as these things go. Reportedly it was shot for less than $100k, and most of the marketing was basically free in the form of people sharing memes and links. It wouldn’t need to get a huge number of views to cover the production costs, and I’m sure that whatever executives green-lit it were thinking that even if there was only a 1% chance of it turning into a silly breakout franchise like Sharknado it would still be a good gamble with a lot of potential upside at that price.

sloth at paper this opti

Yup! There’s been some fairly ambitious attempts to make mostly harmless animals into scary menaces in the “when Nature attacks!” sub-genre of horror: rabbits, frogs, even worms. I think the filmmakers see it as a challenge. It can be hilarious when they fail, either accidentally or deliberately (hello, Sharknado.)

If nothing else, it’s trying something different instead of recycling the same old tropes (or maybe just using the tropes in a new way.) I probably won’t go out of my way to see this… but I’ll admit, I’m a little intrigued. :woman_shrugging: I’m fond of “so-bad-they’re-good” movies, and this sounds like it will qualify as one.


It’s not very good.

is better.


Yup, that’s one of the movies i was thinking of! :smiley: The rabbit movie was Night of the Lepus, and the one about the worms was Squirm. (There were others-- Hollywood really liked its scary animal/bug/etc. movies back in the 70s. Maybe Blood and Honey and Slotherhouse are signs of that trend coming back in style?)

Not just “not good”, it’s awful. But I didn’t say it was good. I did say it was ambitious, in its way. (It’s tough to convince an audience that regular-sized frogs could ever be terrifying.) I never said it was successful in that ambition. Memorable, sure, in an unintended manner, but not successful. :rofl:

I’ll keep my eye out for it. It’ll be interesting to see how they approach a man-made menace as opposed to a more nature-based one (though this type of movie probably won’t get too deeply philosophical… :wink::rofl:)

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Ambitious… or amphibious?

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Good one! But that doesn’t fit sloths, worms, or rabbits… :rofl:

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