Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant

BB is not exactly gaining MTG publicity by posting her, we are the wrong audience and we already know. It’s more like giving her relevancy? Criticizing her is almost stooping to her level, we are complicit for playing her game. MTG is profiting off of selling fear and her detractors appear as forms of legitimacy to her followers.

And then consider BB is also profiting from the clicks that MTG is generating which is one of the roots to the problem. The media loves these right wing grifters and it is in their own interests for MTG to be getting screen time.

The whole thing just sucks.

Of course we also need to be aware of the fascist uprising so I don’t have a good solution. But I do try to offer perspective that MTG isn’t (just) crazy, she is actually a lying, calculating salesperson.

Actually lots of us regularly point out that she’s not crazy, she is in fact a fascist, which is why paying attention to her matters.


Can we PLEASE stop obsessing over these howler monkeys? with apologies to actual howler monkeys… BB is supposed to be for mostly wonderful things, right?

These dipsticks seem mostly awful… Bobo and emptyG are disgusting clowns, we get it, we got it a very long time ago.

Sorry to complain. I’'m going to skim thru all the BB stories of late and find something somewhat wonderful to act as a sort of unicorn chaser. Even a brief exposure to their MJ simulacra leaves a taste of cheap hairspray, desperation and grasping ambition that is worse than eating a handful of pennies.


Once they are no longer in power and in jail, then sure. As long as they are a threat to the country - we need to pay attention to them and highlight their hypocrisy.

They are literally leading a fascist take over of this country. We need to stop ignoring that and work to stop it.


Why are you amplifying him?


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The particular group which is the subject here, which I won’t even name, are a tiny group that basically trollies its way to public awareness. My suggestion for this particular group is they should be entirely ignored. They have gone to Jewish neighborhoods and left leaflets and so on, and they get all kinds of reactions, and they love it. They have no other way to create awareness of themselves. The sheriff here has a good sense of humor but unfortunately it’s playing into the driving trollies strategy.

This is the same group whose founder’s GF was a yoga teacher in Jewish-owned yoga studio in Berkeley and got fired when they found this out.

Edit: it looks like when I posted, it changed the word “trollies” to “trollies”! I didn’t do that!

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For what is probably not the last time, ignoring fascists bigots doesn’t make them ‘just go away.’

Like Cancerous cells, toxic ideology must be excised and eradicated, lest it metastasize.


Every time somebody has to say this.



Based upon your extensive past success in battling antisemitism?

What successes have you had, anyway?


It’s like someone has ulterior motives or something.



And if they stop getting the reactions they love, they won’t try harder? Or are we supposed to ignore it when they start torching synagogues too, as some other anti-Semites have done?

I don’t know why you’re so eager to give fascists a pass, but like others said it only ever enables them.


You know who else was just ignored for a long time?


The difference is, this guy didn’t have a strategy of gaining followers by driving trollies. He needed to be dealt with with brutal and rapid force. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, or it didn’t happen fast enough. I am glad that guy was convicted in federal court and will face a serious death penalty.

Maybe, maybe not.

Response needs to change rapidly as the nature of the threat changes.

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We need to live in a society where genocidal ideology is not acceptable. Ever. Far too often, right wing views are seen as “acceptable” discourse (white supremacy, that led to the tree of life shooting that @KathyPartdeux elude to), and the GOP has embraced those views as a result. But even moderately leftist views, such as equality of genders and races, are seen as “too problematic” views that need to be “balanced” by talk of a white ethno-state…


You can’t rapidly respond to a problem you’ve been ignoring, however nice letting this fester until someone is getting physically hurt might sound to you.