Super-Detailed Causes of Death

A while back there was a little 'causes of death’ visualization from Flowing Data that was great, but often left a few questions unanswered.

Since I had done a viz off of the same dataset a while back to test my Tableau skills I went ahead and modified what I had to be closer (I DID like that ‘percent of total’ structure Nathan had!)

Here’s the latest: Causes of Death for Humans

I was able to add races to my initial viz (Had do three separate extracts because of size limitations from the source). I’ve added lines by race for the actual death rate (the bars are stacked to percentage of total) so you can also see who gets impacted how much, and you can even limit the selection in a number of ways by control-clicking (so just a few causes for Native and Asian Americans for example). I can’t get gender in there with the causes because the source is limited to five variables and I’d have to sacrifice age groups, race, or root cause to get there.

Any ideas on bits to add? Is that more helpful than the original when it comes to ‘what do these really mean?’ questions? Also: there are four different tabs with different real estate usage, so feel free to explore!

I hope that my obituary lists a cause of death just vague enough to stoke the imagination, like “bear-related complications.”


ICD-10 codes can be used in combination!

There’s no bear-specific codes (no, I don’t know why either), but you can always shoot for the starts with something like…

W56.11XD Bitten by Sea Lion, subsequent encounter
Y93.K2 - Activity: Milking an Animal



New life goal: have my death end up in both of these categories.


#P66.6 - Activity: Milking a Pun


#Q12.B# - Bitten by a Musician, subsequent encounter

is probably how @japhroaig is going to go


The fact that the ‘P’ codes are for babies and the ‘Q’ codes are for congenital disorders doesn’t necessarily make you wrong.


Considering I won’t be that far from Monterey, W56.11XD is not improbable.

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