Super Midi Pack turns SNES into a synthesizer

Originally published at: Super Midi Pack turns SNES into a synthesizer | Boing Boing

Wow, do people actually call it an S-N-E-S?

Yep. When I was a kid, everyone at my school said it spelled out like that, same with “N-E-S”. It still weirds me out to hear it pronounced out “Sness”, but to each their own.

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Same here, never once heard it said as “sness”, it was always S N E S or Super Nintendo.

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It’s an abbreviation, not an acronym. Never heard anyone call it a sness. But then I didn’t speak English when that was a current concern, I suppose.

Fascinating. Must be a cultural thing as I’ve never heard it called an S-N-E-S and it was definitely a common topic of conversation in the playground growing up.

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