Super Seducer is a Playstation/Steam game where players grab women's "boobs" and "asses"


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Take your pick


I am doing both in my head right now


You too can be president of the USA!


Someone needs to make a game where creepy dudes are encouraged to reflect on their life choices, and potentially opt for a life of celibacy.


But does it have a frat guild mode?


Pretty decent review here:

It affirms how trash the game is.


The bored models on the bed next to him really sell it.


Come a little bit closer…



Using the term “seducer” to describe someone who engages in sexual assault is like using the term “financial genius” to describe a mugger.

At least the Grand Theft Auto series is honest enough to admit it’s all about the felonies.


Not to mention, in the scenarios described it’s more like going to court.

You are pleading your case.

Don’t piss off the judge.


So, a live-action Leisure Suit Larry, then?


With none of the satire or dated attempts at humor of the original. Just skeezy MRA grossness.


This is my personal romance advice game (super NSFW).


God I was thinking the same thing, just not as funny. This is like Goat Simulator, but with Harvey Weinstein as the goat.


It’s simulated sexual abuse, and not simply simulated brutal murder of strangers because an authority figure tells you they are bad guys!


But they are bad guys Medievalist. Says so right on my HUD, right under ‘napalm the.’


main event your going for the chase… countdown… and someone butts in okay your done here… end of storyville


Of course they were guilty - they’re dead, aren’t they?

(actual thing said by Pedro’s spouse while playing Traveler, often quoted.)


I can’t get past what it must be like to be one of the actresses hired for this project. It must be soul-destroying.

And still a better game on the advice-front, too.


It don’t look like things have changed in that line of games since 1984.