Superb robust tweezers for general purposes


I have a pair of Tweezerman tweezers so finely tipped, I’ve dropped them from 2 feet and had them stick straight up from my wood floor.They’re actually sharp enough to hurt yourself pretty badly with them if you’re not careful.

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You can repair the points on fine tweezers like this a number of times using a sharpening stone. Press them on the stone to bend them back as close as you can, then use the stone to restore the tip you want. You can also make them finer or give them somewhat more complicated shapes in this way with a bit of practice.

I was ordering some new ones for a laboratory once and decided to first see what I could do with the roughly 40 damaged ones. Most were recoverable.

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When working with extremely small parts, harder metal ones like this have an increased chance of sending parts flying into a mystical realm never to be seen again. I use some Wiha tweezers which do have problems with getting bent or distorted, but are much more forgiving when holding tiny items.

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I’m a die-hard fan of Uncle Bill’s Sliver Grippers. They’re sharply pointed for fine work, and come with a key-ring mount. So, you never have to go look for a pair.

The size is key. Size 00 is a very big tip for a pair of tweezers. I have a pair that’s 10 years old and still going strong. Mine are Techni-Tool’s $20 version, which is probably nearly identical to Excelta. I use them for placing surface-mount parts.

You know what the best tweezers I have ever found: stamp tongs. They are about $7-10 made in Solingen, Germany. They never lose their springiness, and are precise in how the two halves meet. I use them for all my plucking needs.

Any tips (heh) on keeping them capped?

When last I needed a good pair of pointy tweezers, I found something wholly suitable at the dollar store, except the only thing provided for shielding the ends when not in use is a tiny piece of rubber tubing that falls off way too easily.

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