Superbowl halftime show themed after Disneyland's Indiana Jones ride

1995 saw the launch of the now-classic Disneyland ride Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye; to promote it, they arranged to have Patti LaBelle headline a (pretty terrible) Indiana Jones-themed halftime show at that year’s Superbowl, which is apparently some sort of foot-the-ball thing. Super Bowl 1995 Halftime Show (via Hot and… READ THE REST

Thank you for this vivid reminder of why I don’t watch television.

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Interestingly, as the story goes, this half-time show is the reason the animatronic Indiana Jones figures on the ride look nothing like Harrison Ford. Apparently, Ford allowed the ride to use his likeness as long as he didn’t have to do any publicity for it whatsoever. Somehow, a copy of the script for the halftime show was accidentally sent to Ford, who was so angry that he revoked the permission to use his face on the ride. Imagineers had to do last-minute tweaks to the figures, stretching and pulling the faces to distort them enough to pass legal muster.

Either that, or the sculptors couldn’t get the face right and spread that story as an excuse.

This is seriously like Star Wars Holiday Special level of terrible. How has this gone forgotten until now?

It’s more of a hand-the-ball thing, apparently.

Are we sure that it’s not something to do with cricket? The clue is in the name, surely? The Super Bowl.

Ill conceived doesn’t even begin to cover it. Hey, at least they found a use for all those left over Hammerpants.

Wait… she was lip syncing?

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