Funny book of Disneyland "facts" that aren't


Two maybe-too-great-to-be-true stories I got from Disneyland employees I know:

  1. An attendant for the Indiana Jones ride decided he was ready to quit. On his way out from his last shift, the khaki-clad gentleman took a detour through the nearby Aladdin Storytime Theater show. When the show was just starting to open with its traditional “genie coming out of the lamp” routine, he leapt onstage and grabbed the lamp, declared “THIS BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!” and ran off.

  2. On slow days amorous young couples are known to favor the “It’s a Small World” ride as a place to make out, oblivious to the hidden cameras throughout the ride. One day some ride operators noticed a girl fellating her boyfriend in an otherwise-empty boat. Naturally, the ride operators started placing bets on whether she was a spitter or a swallower. After finishing she began to lean over the side of the boat as if to spit, whereupon one of the operators who bet on “swallow” grabbed the intercom mic and announced “PLEASE DO NOT SPIT OFF THE SIDE OF THE BOATS.”


Much thanks to Cory and The Disney Blog for all the kind words.

Replying to the previous poster, I agree that many of the things that really happen at Disneyland are even more amazing than the stuff I make up. If anyone else has stories to share, I’d love to hear them.

For those who are interested, I’d like to point out that the book also has many pictures, which is convenient for those who prefer their baloney in a more purely visual form.

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I doubt the first, if only because Indiana Jones is Paramount, and therefore doesn’t show up in Disneyland.

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I assure you the Indiana Jones ride has been a very real fixture of Disneyland since 1995 and is a short walk away from the Aladdin story time theater in Adventureland. So that part, at least, is perfectly plausible.

Or was that comment just a joke that went over my head? It’s been known to happen.

They aren’t facts? Funny? About Disneyland?

Headline misleading.

VINDICATED! Video proof that the first story was legit at 4:25:

One detail I got wrong: the guy who played the prank actually worked the Jungle Cruise ride, which is in between the Aladdin theater and the Indiana Jones Adventure.

It’s probably less likely that video will surface to prove the veracity of the second story.

[Thanks, source who may or may not be my twin brother!]

Hey, don’t rat me out!

Also, for the record, I have nothing to say about that second story. I wan’t the source, so don’t get me in trouble with the Mouse!

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