Supercut of every Best Visual Effects Oscar winning film

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“Give me ramming speed!”


Blade Runner (1982) got robbed!


Yeah well, “Jason and the Argonauts” didn’t win an Oscar but, f’ing should have.

(1963): Ray Harryhausen, Jason and the Argonauts (best visual effects)

“Few film figures were as under-appreciated in their prime as Harryhausen. This is his masterwork, with some of the most impressive stop-motion effects ever. The only thing harder than pulling off the centrepiece fight between animated skeletons and real actors would be actually reanimating the dead.” D. Berry

I mean come on!


So, prior to about 1960, if someone yelled “Fire!” right before an effects shot, you were pretty much guaranteed to win. :thinking:

Always forget that first Aliens was 1979. That was one of the scariest movies ever. No Carpenter’s The Thing either? Wow, '82 was a rough year. E.T.? Really? I mean, replacing shotguns with walkie-talkies years later was more impressive. :frowning:

Other than the nomination this year, did I not see any of those ‘Apes’ movies win? That’s a shame. I mean, even the originals? Or would those originals maybe have won ‘make-up’ categories, rather than effects? Still surprised none of the newer ones got an effects.

Some of those old ones are my favorites: 20K Leagues, War of the Worlds, Time Machine, 2001.


So it looks like this is the Year of Fish-man Sex!


So did The Thing. Don’t get me wrong I love me some E.T. but the VFX in both those films make ET look like crap.


Not really relevant, but every couple of minutes the page drops down to the bottom and won’t let you scroll back up to watch the video. Then the video locks up and stops.

Don’t break out the caviar until it’s all said and done…


no spoiler to say this movie failed to maintain my suspension of disbelief


Lots to like here esp. if you like movies with Harrison Ford…

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  • Blade Runner
  • TRON
  • The Thing
  • The Wrath of Khan

When E.T. won this category I realized the Oscars were about connections and money.


2001 is such a beautiful film. Despite it’s pre-digital origins it doesn’t look dated or rough at all. The big dividing line for all these films was the shift to digital effects. Nothing against well done digital; but some of the older ones are done so well they still look more convincing than current digital efforts.


From “Wings” (1927)

Lots of goodies in this shot and in the movie overall. The Wikipedia article is a worthwhile read.
Scorsese paid homage to this with the long, one-take steadicam shot at the beginning of Hugo.

This video explains who they filmed the shot.

Edit: found more good stuff.


That cut from 2001 to Marooned hurt my head!

Everyone knows the future happened in 1979.
1980 was still in shock, oh…it tried hard with Blues Brothers, The Shining and Atari’s Battlezone. But ‘81 and ‘82 riffed heavily on the 1979 singularity of Alien, Life of Brian and Atari’s Asteroids — core existential pillars that define our past present and future. Not to dismiss the Old Testament stories of 2001, THX1138, Dark Star, Andromeda Strain, Zardoz, Pong and Lunar Lander (and maybe a couple of flicks from 1977), but what happened in 1979 truly was a miracle. Hold it in mind as we give thanks to the bounty that was 1981 and 1982.

Outland 1981
Heavy Metal 1981
Mad Max: Road Warrior 1981
Excalibur 1981
Quest for Fire 1981
American Werewolf in London 1981
The Time Bandits 1981
Defender (Atari) 1981

Blade Runner 1982
Tron 1982
The Thing 1982
Wrath of Khan 1982
The Dark Crystal 1982
Conan the Barbarian 1982
Pink Floyd The Wall 1982
Pac Man (Atari) 1982

…that’s all I got. going to get a coffee.


Forbidden Planet 1956 should have won.


So, if you want to win this oscar, go for war, space or monkeys.

Good to know

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My god. It’s full of movies I thought were much, much younger…