Every "Best Visual Effects" winner (1927-2016 Oscars)


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I stopped watching after a minute.

There are far more interesting effects shots in “Wings,” “the Rains Came” and “Wonder Man” that that.


Bunch of movies in there I have to watch :slight_smile:
Start at the beginning and go through the whole list…


bahahaha Star Wars 4-6 won, Star Wars 1-3 didn’t


The last shot of the X-wing in the “Star Wars” clip is from the Special Edition, not the original.


But these are literally what people consider the classics - I noticed that I’d seen all but 3 of the films from 1946-2004, and probably two dozen of those were watched as part of my Film & Digital Media coursework.

Do you have any other “great for its time” visual effects in film to recommend? (Please?)


Empire (1980)-Cocoon(1985): Six-year uninterrupted streak for Industrial Light and Magic


Looked it up out of curiosity — the competition those years was intense.
Phantom Menace – lost to The Matrix
Attack of the Clones – lost to The Two Towers


The “best cinematography” list is much more interesting, in my opinion.

(And I need to catch up on a lot of stuff pre-'80s…)


I’m not criticizing the films themselves, I’m criticizing the clips chosen for the compilation. What I’m saying is, there are better examples from those particular movies.

A fine example of integrating models and live action is DeMille’s Sampson and Delilah. Looks even better when not on YouTube.

But this didn’t win an Academy Award.


Thanks for the search! Yes I definitely agree with those two wins…


I’d personally like to compare with the “Most Ham-Fisted Visual Effects” category to look for overlap.


Yup, at least 180 hours of viewing to get through.


anyone seen “reap the wild wind”? i think i’m going to watch it just for the octopus scene.


I don’t go to conventions very often, but if I need a cosplay idea my meager talents can actually pull off? When Worlds Collide colonist!


And Revenge of the Sith was the first Star Wars film that didn’t even get nominated for the category. Beat out by Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake (which won), the War of the Worlds remake and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


That was fun, but I just added 10 films to my movie queue. :slight_smile:


twenty thousand leagues is horizontal man…
(something I found out on the now defunct imdb site)


close encounters…

I’ve got a few hundred questions I want to speak to management


for 1968’s “2001” the feature shows the light show after Bowman enters the stargate. This was followed by a shot of 1969’s Marooned, with video of astronauts looking distinctly fake-- by anyone’s standards, not just Kubrick’s.