Superman branding iron


How fortuitous. I’ve been looking for the right time and place to share this gem:
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(source, but you can’t see it without an account)

It’s not possible to give consent to be branded, during sadomasochistic sex in the legal sense of protecting the person who carries out the branding from prosecution. (edited to add)

And yet my tattooist will happily do it if you’re over 18.


That’s just mean.

There will a lot of other people who can’t stand not seeing what the rest of that comic is.
So I feel that I need to link this.

For those who don’t understand the power of the Google Image Search! Or, those who just can’t be arsed!


Huh. I’d be curious what the legal justification is for it being different to being stabbed repeatedly by an ink covered needle.

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Damn it. I was in a hurry and didn’t check; I thought it was an expandable thumbnail, not an automagically-cropped image.

Just a guess here, but I don’t suppose tattooing comes with the same… historical connotations as branding does, at least in USA.

Ok revised understanding:

  • If the motive for causing an injury was sadistic (“I did it because I like inflicting pain, M’lud”), and the injury is not “trifling” then consent doesn’t need to be considered to decide whether a crime took place.
  • You can consent to a risk of injury in sport etc.
  • In general you can’t give consent for someone to maim you, irrespective of their motive, except:
  • Licensed doctors are assumed to have consent to carry out medically necessary procedures / surgeries

There’s no way that little bic and that brand scorched that piece of wood like that.

The relevant bit of legal history in the UK

It happened while James Anderton was Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, aka God’s Cop

Nice (and fairly short) article on consent and injury in Canada…

The irony of this is that Superman could never be branded–for two reasons:

  1. He’s invulnerable.

  2. He isn’t real.

This could be for a fan of The Spider pulps or The Phantom comics or serial. Both of those characters had rings that left permanent marks on criminals they punched (or shot and killed?), as a warning to others. Can’t remember if it was branding or punching, but I think The Spider was sometimes leaving his mark on corpses after he shot them to death. Phantom came a little later, if I remember correctly.

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