I’ve lately developed the obnoxious habit of putting footnotes on my posts. Is it possible to create superscript in Discourse so I can do fancy numbered ones, or should I just learn how to use parentheses properly instead?

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Well, you can use HTML, so that when you write <sup>this</sup> it appears like this


Huh. I never even thought to try that. Thanks!

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No worries. Since Discourse supports GitHub-flavoured Markdown, I tend to go for that first as well. Using that means it does pretty syntax highlighting of code snippets in HTML, JS, PHP, Java, and so on, though that rarely is needed here on BoingBoing.
But useful on the Vue forum and other programming sites that use Discourse.

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No, it’s actually not the GitHub flavor, although GitHub does support the CommonMark standard “core” behaviors.

There are optional add-on features such as tables, etc.


Good to know! I merely noticed this when I copied a code block once that Discourse made it all pretty. Which exact flavour, I never bothered, I only noted that it was more than John Gruber’s original Markdown.


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