Supply chain trouble putting boutique synth makers out of business

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I’m here for the Behringer dig while also caressing my TD-3. It’s translucent blue!


This supply chain trouble doesn’t make synths.


The struggle is real. It’s so bad that you can’t even buy a Raspberry Pi.
I made a batch of Scope Clocks earlier this year, and I kept having to find functional equivalents of the rather generic parts I was using. I was lucky to be able to ship a batch.


Yeah, it’s hitting all of us. I work in a more established music tech company. We’ll survive, but need to make costly adjustments.

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Yep, I had to replace some 12ax7s recently and they’re way up when you can find them. Combined with my slowly declining strength I briefly considered how those newer solid state amps sound.


I’d imagine the shortage is affecting the effects pedal manufacturers too, most notably those that produce digital signal processors vs. those that produce solely analog stomp boxes.

Maybe Behringer can produce an inexpensive but functional copy of the supply chain.

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I think that now it’s time to buy an acoustic piano.
Or if you prefer go portable, an accordion could be useful.


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