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Mad props to the Gaian Mind.


My fellow psychonaut friend that lived in Germany sent me a spoken word performance McKenna did at a rave with beats and sounds being mixed in behind him. This was my introduction to McKenna.

He spoke about the psychedelic influence on humankind as they emerged in Africa and then about his first DMT trip, which at that time was basically unobtainium unless you were connected like him. It was really great but I don’t remember the name of the event/djs. My copy was just dubbed to cassette and had the names and dates of the performance written in so hopefully an archival copy is already in their collection but if not I dunno what to tell them to look for because I just checked and I don’t have the tape anymore : (


Sounds like:
There are many, many archived recordings on that site, enjoy :slight_smile:


ethnobotanist, psychedelic pioneer, philosopher, and shamanic scholar

I hope its not too late for me to work on earning a rad obituary like that.


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lol, time to move the terence wiki


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