Supreme Court rejects church lockdown exemption

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Well. Sometimes Roberts will still surprise us. That lends a tiny flame of hope for other upcoming rulings, particularly those involving Donnie and his obstructions of justice.


I don’t know why anyone would be surprised. Civil rights lawyers of the ACLU and EFF have not suddenly stopped sending cases to the Supreme Court knowing that they will lose. Roberts is the 5-4 vote for the more liberal side of the court pretty often.

If more Republicans were like Roberts; having an perspective that is different but still usually reality based, we’d be a lot better off. The US system needs a “loyal opposition”. Unfortunately, we don’t have that right now. My home state of Massachusetts where we have lead out 4 speakers of the house or senate out in handcuffs multiple times show the danger of not having an opposition to keep the the other side in check. Our Republican governors (with a Democratic super majority) also tend to be extremely effective and level headed people. Baker and Romney both lead Massachusetts well, with Romney giving us our still functioning RomneyCare that ObamaCare was built on. In fact, when Republicans gutted ObamaCare, RomneyCare just smoothly picked up the pieces in Massachusetts and kept moving. You can hate them for some of their policy stances, but they keep the government functioning well.

Single party government sucks. You don’t actually want it. You want an loyal and honest opposition that also wants to see the nation thrive. People like Roberts; people you disagree with but that have reasonable disagreements, are important to this.


after California governor Gavin Newsome imposed a 25%-or-100-person occupancy limit

Welcome back to The Chosen Ones, the game show where you play to decide if you’re truly one of God’s children!


It is truly pathetic that 4 members of the Supreme Court voted against public health and safety. It is a lifetime appointment - there is no reason to try and score political points! Do what is best for the country - be a true American please.


That is the realm of the DSA now, but they don’t have anyone in the Supreme Court. I don’t think the Republicans are salvageable.


Churches are subject to fire regulations: occupancy limits, keeping exit paths clear, etc.

Why wouldn’t they be subject to health regulations during a pandemic?


Are you forgetting the special we-are-the boss-of-you card that belongs to all religions, by virtue of their strong belief in imaginary stuff?


A question that occurs to me, with this modern convention of party-line Supreme Court decisions votes, is whether Roberts is playing the role of the “swing vote”, or if it’s about him personally.

What I mean is, in a case like this where four judges back a patently wrong position, would they still have voted fhat way if their individual votes had counted? Or are they saying “we’ll cede one vote to ensure the right legal decision, but then the rest of us will cast our votes as right-wing propaganda”?

Either option is a fucking abomination when you think about it, but the former is a great deal more worrying, in light of John Roberts’s non-immortality. And I’m guessing it’s a bit of both, even in the best-case scenario.


Roberts’ court got us here.


yeah it’s a relief to see a tiny ray of sanity but note at 5-4 for such a “well duh, temporary emergency order, public safety” that is scary as f—

ACA is going to be destroyed by them this summer, just in time for lifetime covid complications to be denied.

Imagine if it was this court for marriage equality, would have never happened and it would still be illegal in 2020


the question is why the fuck the other 4 justices would vote for this bullshit.

You know what? They have to go - at least the two installed by the crook. I know its not possible, but we have to get back in power and figure out some way to make it so.


Then they could do the same to us.

The only way to truly win in this life is to be vigilant, to stand for something demonstrably just and good, and hammer your case into the heads of others with reason and evidence- until it becomes naturally an extension of the thoughts of society.

If you do anything less, it’s easy- but it only adds to the chaos that will just as soon wipe away your results.

Conservatives have shown their real hand- and what they consider acceptable. Knowing where they’ll stoop to gives us power, because we know what their real intentions are clearly. Its anathema to me, it tangles with the perverse world Trump has resurrected from the swamp, and it must be stopped.


Plagues are God’s game, Moses already cleared that one up a few thousand years back.



yes and no - if we affirm that appointments by a criminal president are null and void, then they can only do it to us if we elect a criminal president.

We absolutely must do things like this in all areas of Trump’s behavior. We must amplify the consequences of trump’s criminal actions, and the GOPs support and enabling, and the big money that funded them. They all must be punished by seeing their effort go by the way side, their power effectively reduced, and instill fear of corruption beyond what they wrought. We must be punitive.


The fact this wasn’t a unanimous decision says EVERYTHING.


I find him fairly predictable. When there’s a corporation or corporate interest involved, Roberts will usually rule in its favour. Otherwise, he asks himself “how will this ruling affect the economy and markets” and then votes accordingly.

In this case, he knows that an exemption for religious fundies would mean further spread, which would ultimately cost wealthy people and companies money. Thus his ruling.


Roberts is going to disappear without a trace next week, isn’t he? Who does he think he is to go against the wishes of his owners?

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Which brings me to Donnie and his panic to remain in power… and out of jail: If November finds him out on the street (so to speak) and Dems having a majority in both Houses, he could see a Barr-less DOJ coming after him (and others)…

… and still “only” a 5-4 majority in the SCOTUS; he needs more time to pack lower courts to the rafters and (perhaps most of all) for the often ill Justice Ginsburg to be out and his stooge in. (Which is why I hope that Ginsburg currently has loyal bodyguards along with people who can vet her meds and diet.)