Surprising history of the "Canadian Tuxedo," starring Bing Crosby

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“Canadian Tuxedo”, the epitome of comfort and style.

[note sarcasm]

So the phrase which is used to make the wearer the butt of a joke at the expense of Canada, was an outfit wholly contrived and worn by Americans, to be able to get entry to Canadian establishments that thought denim-on-denim was awful? Well I never!


That’s right, bub, and I hear he didn’t even like hockey.


Denim on denim actually is awful.

It sure is, but it’s an American Tuxedo as far as I’m concerned

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Until relatively recently I always heard it referred to as as Jersey Tuxedo.

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$1800! Yow!

So what the hell are you supposed to wear a denim jacket with? Shorts? Suit pants? Tights?

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