Surreal Mickey vector art


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Oh just the nightmare fuel I need this xmas morning… Predator Mickey Mouse.


So, if mickey would have been public domain by now (and there’s a strong argument that it is, involving that core rule about retroactive laws…), but Canada hasn’t extended copyright to do the same…when does superman become public domain? That’s a Canadian creation, after all, and it looks to me like DC is phasing the old duffer out now, after one last attempt at wringing some cash out of him.


Haven’t we seen these before? They’re awfully familiar.


Predator Mickey is a pretty good logo for Disney these days… though Borg would be better.


The one-eye-one-ear one is brilliant.


Early Mickey Mouse straight has always creeped me out.


That is a learned behavior.


When he was still halfway Oswald the Rabbit? (Or was it Oswalt?)


What made you think that he was straight?

You mean to tell me that Minnie wasn’t a beard?


Perhaps you’re a Bizarro comics reader?


I remember seeing the “Cyclops Mickey” sometime in the late eighties or early nineties, I believe. No idea where.


Reverse image search suggests they’re by Dann Matthews.

link to a Flickr album of more “icky mouse” images:

This old Super Punch post says he put at least one of them up as a candidate for a Threadless shirt:


That covers the ones other than cyclops. Thanks!


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