Surreal on many levels, enjoy this commercial for spray-on maple syrup


Who the hell has a #31 Buffalo Bills jersey? That’s not a notable player.


doesn’t require refrigeration

Maple syrup does not require refrigeration. Seesh,


The packaging alone should be outlawed. Can the top be snapped off to be separated for recycling? How difficult is it to get the plastic top off so one could rinse the metal bottle before putting it into recycling? A maple syrup bottle with a metal top is easily separated and recycled.


Batter Blaster. Spray on pancake mix was great. Super easy to use. We’d take it on vacations for rental property. The spray on syrup would be great for that too.


You need some fried chicken and waffles.


Do you also get Foster Farms Spray Fried Chicken?


Doed “surreal” mean “stupid” now?


If SCTV was around these days, this would have been one of their tv commercial skits.


boo :-1: to the environmental impact of this type of packaging.
yea :+1: to the idea of spraying maple syrup on stuff!


A beverage to accompany it, available now at your local Whole Foods, maple sap seltzer:


How about as a replacement for pepper spray? If police hose down protesters with syrup, they’re going to stop to lick off that maple goodness.


I have the perfect solution for dealing with the existential horror of spray-on syrup:


Maple vodka.


Best. bad. thing. ever.

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