Surreal on many levels, enjoy this commercial for spray-on maple syrup


I kept hoping there would be a real use for it while watching. Seems like marketing people decided because they can make it there must be a market.

Also glad to see Coombs that makes this is in Vermont not the Coombs on Vancouver Island with the goats on the roof.


I think it’s a regional thing. I grew up in Massachusetts and while you might expect some sort of nasty corn-based “table syrup” at an IHOP or Denny’s, any good breakfast place would use real maple.

Now I live in California. I’ve payed as much as $15 for a plate of pancakes and still gotten the nasty fake stuff.


It has become standard in the NorCals to offer “syrup” and +$2 “Real Maple Syrup” – in the SoCals where I did the formative stuff it was mostly Log Cabin but I have not really been in many SoCal Pancakaterias lately. My SoCal breakfast thing is to go to a Deli because in NorCal there is none.


So, the biggest advantage I saw was that it both keeps the syrup out of the light, and doesn’t require refrigeration, which is why they showed it at the tailgating opportunity.


I like my syrup warmed in the microwave prior to serving… maybe I can just put this pressurized can in some boiling water?


That’s just - wrong.



“Amber streams” is gonna be a thing now, I guess.


Those seem like pretty thin advantages, given that maple syrup only requires refrigeration after opening, at which point it lasts relatively well even unrefrigerated (and long-term, the mold that grows on it isn’t toxic). It’s not like it’s going to go bad during an outing…


I was horrified by the people putting the maple syrup on meat items. Who the fk does that? You are sick, sick people and may God straighten you out some day.


It’s like a squeeze bottle for maple syrup, except that this pressurized version adds the benefits of higher cost and increased landfill (although sadly, fewer weird commercials).


I think that that is a sportspuck fan there.


To all the diabetics out there this product is very familiar.


Reminds me of





I’m Southern. The default food groups are sugar, salt, fat, and alcohol. So hell yeah I eat my sausage patties with strawberry jelly or syrup.
I’m not getting another plate dirty for my eggs and waffles…syrup for all.


On my bacon or sausage? Daaamn straight I put on there skippy.


Seriously! I thought artisanal maple lacquered bacon was a thing…


I’m eating bacon with maple syrup right now! (I’m 100% serious. Just a little snack. This topic drove me to it. One should always have some leftover cooked bacon in the fridge in case of such emergencies. I had to type this post quickly so that it would be completely honest :slight_smile: )


unfortunately amazon has stolen the “ordered high late at night” market from late night paid programming