Watch how maple syrup harvesting has gone high-tech


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I like my maple syrup like I like my emotional disposition…sandy


My God the torture! Since sugar maples can’t talk, I suppose their suffering counts for nothing to some people!


Ontario syrup? Blasphemy!

These new advances in technology, including vacuum lines, have made syrup harvesting a lot easier. It’s also much faster to boil with newer evaporators


Even more high-tech

Stump based production

Reverse Osmosis for syrup concentration


The business of maple syrup has changed in other ways:



Why does this seem like part of an Ent version of The Matrix?


Hopefully this technological innovation will help to reduce the scourge of untapped maple trees. Did you catch that NPR story a couple years back? Scary stuff.


They’ve been using tubes for decades now.


Vancouver Island syrup is coming into production. Now there’s some sweet, sweet blasphemy there.


Isnt this going to put thousands of Canadistanis out of work and cause greater inequality?


They’re so stoned!


“Good for you?” Not really. It’s still basically distilled sugar.

Better for you (compared to other syrups and sugars), perhaps. It still shouldn’t be a dietary staple, though, as much as a delicious treat.


All part of the maple syrup empire discussed at length on the show Riverdale!


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