Surreal on many levels, enjoy this commercial for spray-on maple syrup


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I am officially stupefied by this product.


Dan Savage recently took a letter from a guy who could only get off on the smell of maple syrup. Looks like this product was invented just for him.


I am just thinking about how the shaving gel nozzle gets caked up. Now imagine it with stuff that will solidify into rock.


Seems like it would be a better fit for honey than syrup.


For people too lazy to watch the video here’s the money shot

… I need a shower.


“Organic”? “GRADE A”? “Maple”? I’m disappointed, America. I expect artificially flavored food product in my American food innovations.

I’m not sure when I had that revelation that most syrups don’t say “maple” on them at all. There must be a labeling regulation out there about it. So kudos to this weird product for actually having the real thing at least! image




America, please don’t change. We like laughing at you just the way you are!

Sincerely, your northern neighbour.


I mean with you. Totally mean with you. Please don’t shoot me.


But did you catch some of the “serving suggestions” near the end? I may or may not be having Cheerios with (regular non-pressurized) maple syrup for dinner tonight.


No waste, eh?

I guess the can just disappears when it’s empty.


A healthy part of this complete aerosol breakfast.


This makes no sense - I don’t get it. Is it a weird joke? It’s not a serious product, but it’s not particularly funny as a joke either.

There are plenty of products that don’t initially make sense to me because they’re aimed at a different market - different tastes, different accessibility needs (which leads to a lot of seemingly silly designs). But not this. It’s a liquid - it’s easier to just pour it out of a bottle. Whatever problems exist in pouring it out of a bottle are multiplied by this design; this is less accessible. Look at everyone concentrating to avoid spilling it everywhere (in particular the kid); you know there were many outtakes where the syrup went everywhere but where it was supposed to.


I was expecting something as horrible as spray cheeze.

Grade A Amber color seems legit.




I prefer Grade B, which is now Grade A Very Dark, I guess. Upgrade! If you prefer Grade A Light Amber, you don’t like maple syrup.


I agree. But I was expecting maple-oid substances that had to be misspelled for legal reasons.


Oh, thank God! I was getting so freaking tired of pouring syrup using the conventional method. Too much wrist bending and not enough button pressing, I always say!


Syrup fight!!!