Surveillance advocate Eric Schmidt is stepping down as head of Google parent company Alphabet


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The Chinese Communist Party which disappears lawyers and their clients, denies medical care to political prisoners, murders Tibetan monks, oppresses Muslims, ‘hearts’ Adolph’s favorite jurist [war criminal Carl Schmitt] and will, over time, eat the world, is always in the market for someone to enslave a population by denying its member any privacy.


Also illegally conspired with Apple and other hi-tech companies to suppress wages in the tech area, triggering a huge class-action suit. One wonders if the unsupervised juveniles would have been this skanky.


Like we don’t have those problems on our own shores?

And while it’s true that soon China will achieve economic supremacy, my bet for doomsday is still US nukes. Some land of the free.


No, see that’s different! We’re just defending ourselves from threats… when China does it, it’s bad, when WE do it, it’s good and patriotic! /s


What’s a “non-executive Chairman”? You know what, come to think of it, what the hell is an “executive Chairman”??!!


“A corporate lawyer steps in to explain the power structure of corporations” on a /r/bestof reddit thread


Don’t forget, per doctrine, he’s also a “war crimes apologist and colossal hypocrite.” And so, presumably, is anyone who does business with him.


A “non-executive” is someone not involved in the day to day running of a business. A chairman’s role is keep the board focused on being an effective board, and also to act as an anchor (to the boards wishes) on the CEO. Good corporate governance generally puts the point of contact between the executive and the board as the chairman.

The latter gives the chairman significantly more power than a regular board member as it proffers lots of soft influence on the executive team. Moreover, a good executive-chairman relationship is really important in a well run company. The chairman provides important feedback for the executives from outside the executives’ silo. That’s why in general it’s good to have a non-exec chairman and also why it’s deemed a bad thing to merge the roles of CEO and chairman.


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