Alphabet's Eric Schmidt calls Trump "evil"


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"Don’t be evil."


The alphabet is against President Trump? “T” is for Treason! Conservatives don’t need your elitist multi-letteralism! #MakeAlphabetGreatAgain!


T is for Treason, but Rump is for Rump.


What does “overcoming the Tea Party” mean, in this context? Powering through the opposition of reactionary right-wing people who supported Trump but despise increased federal spending?


10 to 1 that Trump tweets that Eric Schmidt (with a net worth of over $11B) is a loser.


Can someone smarter than me back my hunch that mass deportations (in the millions) would not be good for the economy? Or is it just too small of a drop in the bucket?


:notes:A, Alligators all around, B,Bursting Balloons…:notes:


Doctorow, Did Schmidt call the muslim ban evil? or Trump evil? or both. Please don’t fall into the trap of writing click baity headlines. There’s a distinction between the three you could make it clear in your writing/headline. I’m sick of reading headlines that are contradicted by the article.


Ach mon. Deportations -> economic destruction -> buying opportunity -> rebuild economy from a lower base -> presto! Cash!!!


New suggested Google slogan: “Don’t be Trump.”


“Like many Silicon Valley corporations, Google’s response to the immigration ban seemed to become progressively more forceful over the weekend. On Sunday night, the company announced a $4 million crisis fund donated to the ACLU and other immigration causes.”

A flower bloomed on Saturday morning.


NM… reading the article his statement is pretty open ended. Fair enough.


His comments mean nothing - only actions will work against a fascist.

Now if Google served up a banner on every chrome browser and every search result criticizing trump…


I had a hard time figuring that out too.


Is climate change working that fast?


Schmidt should reply back with only a screen shot of his tax return, edited to blur out his pertinent info, but leaving the dollar amounts legible.

OMG, I have been listening to the Nutshell Kids on and off for weeks now, as waves of nostalgia hit me; and I swear for truth, I have been thinking about how that song could be reworked to be about the FAUXTUS.

I haven’t quite worked it all out, because not all of the letters have negative connotations, but the following bolded ones fit:

A Alligators all around
B Bursting balloons
C Catching colds
D Doing dishes (He would never deign to perform menial labor.)
E Entertaining elephants
F Forever fooling
G Getting giggles
H Having head-aches
I Irritating Indians
J Juggling jellybeans
K Keeping kangaroos
L Looking like lions
M Making macaroni
N Never napping
O Ordering oatmeal
P Pushing people
Q Quite quarrelsome
R Riding reindeer
S Shockingly spoiled
T Throwing tantrums
U Usually upside down
V VERY vain
W Wearing wigs
X X-ing x’s
Y Yacketty yacking
Z Zippetty zound, zippetty zow!


"…overcoming the tea party.”

Overcoming the Tea Party?!?!?!?!?! The Trump Administration is the freaking Tea Leaves at the bottom of the barrel that is the Tea Party!

Why are CEO’s so FUCKING stupid?




It’s possible that Trump’s policies will encourage economic growth, however I suspect it will be “jobless growth”-- he can tout the booming economy but it may not have much effect on employment. And at the same time I know that all economic growth is fleeting, you can’t have unlimited growth, eventually the increase in the debt (another thing Republicans only care about when there’s a Democrat in the White House) will be a drag on the economy.

This same argument plays out over and over again in America, seems we never learn. The bigger the boom, the bigger the bust.