Survey reveals top 20 most facial-hair-friendly cities in U.S


I have had a beard in Miami in march, I don’t think it would make it through a summer.


Was Portland not under consideration?


Male, or female?


I think it’s kind of interesting the level of disapproval beards have anymore.

For example, if you desperately need a job, your odds of getting hired are astronomically higher if you are clean shaven compared to having any length of facial hair. As a society, we unconsciously impose economic sanctions on people trying to make ends meet who dare to keep their facial hair - isn’t that bizzare?

Depends on the industry. I’m in IT on the west coast - tattoos and facial hair, no one cares…
It’s not all “dorks” anymore, either. My guess is that for any job if you come across appropriately “groomed” (not smelly , etc…) you’re fine.
There’s a guy on my floor that cuts his hair like once a year. I can’t believe his wife lets him leave the house looking like this. He’s about bald on top, it grows out all crazy and his neck hair is bursting out of his shirt, then all of a sudden he comes in with his lumpy head shaved bald.
The least the wife could do is shave his neck once a month or something…


Yeah, Portland not even on the list? I call BS.


I didn’t say there weren’t exceptions. My point is the general, nation-wide, societal attitude.

Having a perfectly well groomed beard doesn’t tend to make any difference in places like, say, the South, particularly in entry level or dead-end jobs - the kind of employment some of the most desperate people in the country rely on the make ends meet. For countless people, you either shave and wear your hair short, or you go hungry.

My point is the mere fact that anyone, anywhere in the country has to make the choice between wearing a beard and making ends meet is pretty absurd when you stop to think about it.


The data may be skewed by those that need to buy a lot of “Just for men” to keep the grey out of their beards.

Its not like this is just data for mustache wax and the associated little combs. Most young beards require not more than a pair of scissors and maybe the trimmer attachment on a normal electric razor.

I don’t disagree with that, dude.

Whaaaaat!? None of the cities in Alaska are big enough to be considered a city?

Anchorage was host to the World Beard and Moustache Championships in 2009. It was excellent.

I know, I’m dumfounded --flabbergasted, even.
Alaska not even on the list, please…

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I read the list looking for Portland, and I came here to comment on why Portland wasn’t on the list. And I’ve barely even been to Portland!


L.A. should be #1. Stupid Boston again.

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