Eternal truths about comments about "intimate grooming"

I haven’t made a formal study of the genre, but Toast’s “The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Intimate Grooming” has the ring of eternal truth. (via Skepchick) READ THE REST

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It’s missing a “work from home” spam.


I just have to say, I’m glad that I never see threads like that. It was parody, and I still wanted to stab the commenters in the face with a dead fish until they JUST. SHUT. UP.


Take a ramble over to Jezebel sometime. It’s like that for every article.

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Wow that sounds… terrible.

Divacup mentioned as well so I know this is straight up truth.

I don’t understand…guess it must be an American thing again.

The other linked articles are also quite good.

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Nothing about Muslims or illegal immigrants, though. There’s always a way to work those in.

They forgot the response from the guy who’d be perfectly happy to shave the vaginas for them if they’d just let him.


I’m absolutely baffled by the number of readers that don’t get it, and/or are getting excessively emotional about the post. Weird. It’s meant as humor and social commentary. Anger says more about the reader than the writer.

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