STFU Startup Douchebag: a tumblog of greatness


“Let her pay? Nope. Way too much pride for that. It’s also the most unromantic thing you can do on a first date as a man outside of spitting on her, and I wasn’t about to spoil the evening.”

They seem to be trying to make hay out of him saying something about spitting on women, when he’s saying that the only way to be more “unromantic” than to let pay for dinner would be to spit on her.

Yeah, kind of a douchebag for declaring the man always has to pay.

I didn’t understand that either.

Well, yeah. If I said, “The only thing that would make that guy worse is if he hit her,” it doesn’t mean I think guys should punch women.

This kind of Tumblr blog is one reason I like Reddit’s /r/TumblrInAction, though they tend to focus on Social Justice Warrior types, “Die Cis Scum” blogs, and the occasional fedora-wearing MRA.

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