"Suspicious" item in hedge turns out to be abandoned mannequin legs

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there. fixed that for you


Being in Norfolk and having “Lynn” in the name makes it impossible to process information about King’s Lynn other than through an Alan Partridge lens


The cop covering his face in shame is a nice touch.


But abandoned mannequin legs are suspicious.


Now I want to make a hedge entirely out of mannequin legs.


If found please return to Papasan, postage guaranteed.


Diss doggers disappointed

Well this makes me feel old. In my day, hedge porn involved finding a few discarded jazz mags. Now it’s evolved into fully interactive art installations.


“Mannequin goes topless”


If there’s a man-bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now…


Reminds me of the time the cops showed up at my door (at 3am, because that’s the best time to catch serial killers I guess) thinking they had caught a serial killer. For reals.

I had wedged a gag plastic foot between the doors of my bed mounted toolbox on the pickup truck. (Originally I think it had jeans attached like a leg and you were meant to hang it out your trunk. lol?) Someone thought it was a real foot and called the police.

Now, around the same time, for a couple of years actually, human feet kept washing up on the shores around the Vancouver area. So they were right to check it out, but they confiscated my joke foot and made threats because I had wasted so much of their time.

In college I had a mannequin head named Harold (i.e. Harold and Maude) that I used to keep on my second floor dorm room window sill, looking out over the parking lot. It was hilarious to hear people stare up and wonder just why the Hell that guy was always looking out the window.

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“if you see something say something” I wonder how many people did the former but not the later? Wonder what the sensitivity and specificity is on that add program?

For reasons that escape me, there is a legless mannequin (or I guess it’s a CPR dummy?) stashed among old boxes and assorted junk in the utility closet where I work.

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