Swaddling as a form of therapy


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Otonamaki: wrapping oneself in cloth to ease pain

My son, as a newborn, wasn’t happy unless he was wrapped up tight. We called him Burrito Baby.



I could go for that right now.


I get tangled up in my bed sheets nightly, so I guess I’m already on board with this.


Prediction: Swaddling stations will end up in malls next to face threading booths.


I tried it. It didn’t relax me at all, what with all the struggling and fighting while I tried to wrap them up and all.


Try a different brand of plastic wrap next time. :wink:

ETA: This actually sounds kind of nice provided it’s not @Modusoperandi doing the binding.


Are you kidding? I had to fight off a panic attack just watching the video.


Did Dexter teach us nothing?


I only saw the last episode. Was he a chef before becoming a lumberjack or something?


Not exactly a chef. More like a butcher . . .


Butchers don’t use plastic, they use paper! No wonder he had to give it up.


That’s cute but I’ll stick with bourbon as my stress reliever.


Why not both?


No comment.


Asphyxiation risk.


Hmm. Didn’t I read about her in one of Oliver Sacks books?


I have no idea what was being done in that video. THIS is how you swaddle:


Probably, I don’t recall where I read what about anything anymore… :stuck_out_tongue: