Otonamaki: wrapping oneself in cloth to ease pain


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Human burrito?


Burial shroud without the burial. Hmm.


Hell no. I don’t even like having bedding near my face, much less being completely wrapped up like that. And I don’t see how being curled up into a ball could be good for posture.


Lest anyone be confused, this is not the right way to swaddle an infant.


I don’t know much about the posture thing and physical therapy to even make an educated guess. However i do find being in an enclosed space somewhat relaxing, depending on the setting of course.

As a kid i used to set up a small tent on my bed and it’d make sleeping easier (used to have insomnia). These days on weekends when i wake up early and don’t need to be up i may hide under the covers while i’m surfing the web on my phone.

Would i try this out? Maybe, it looks silly but i suffer from some minor back problems and anxiety and if it was suggested to me as a form of relief i would consider doing it once for the sake of it. Does it look silly as hell? Yep.


But what kind of craitur will emerge!?



Otonamaki: wrapping oneself in cloth to ease pain

I suppose with your head like that you wouldn’t be able to watch CNN.


Hah! But tempting…


I think I see how they think it works - like a physical therapist manually operating your limbs a little past the point you could manage for yourself, to aid in stretching muscles.
But think I also see why the doctors who oppose it do - because of the strain and damage overstretching can cause.


Otonamaki: Tricking humans into being wrapped up for dinner by puppy sized spiders.


We’ve seen this before, okay? When can we have a story about okonomiyaki?


This is exactly what came to mind when i first read the headline :smiley:


What about okonomiyaki otonamaki - people being swaddled in a giant seafood pancake?


whispering from within their calm white cocoon.

In the U.S., we call that suburbia.


I kind of want to do this every time I look at social media.



Is this like, bondage-lite or something?


Otonomaki, or “Adult wrapping,” sees the subject swaddled cosily, even tightly, in a muslin-like cloth.

Guess we won’t be trying that in the US any time soon. You know, 'cuz of the muslin ban.