"Swallow Rock" in Brazil sucks people into an underwater cave, and they like it


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Watch a waterfall suck swimmers through a rock into a cave
Watch a waterfall suck swimmers through a rock into a cave

“If you liked getting sucked off by Pedra Que Cuspida Cospe you’ll LOVE Pedra Que Engole!


Uhhhh…HELL NO!


Doesn’t look to be under water. Just under the biggest rock in the formation.


There’s a thing like this on Tennessee’s Ocoee river next to the “Tablesaw” rapid (I’m told that the river has shifted and the tablesaw roostertail effect is not a thing anymore, though). It’s not as long of a tunnel but it’s completely submerged, the rock is just to the right of where you shoot the rapid. At night when TVA cuts the water off to draw power, you can rock-hop right out to it. The tunnel part is still completely submerged but there’s no current to suck you in, you pencil-dive down and swim through. If the moon is bright, you can follow the light to the other end, very cool.
By day, it’s part of a class-4 rapid, though. This is the river they did whitewater sports for the ATL 96 olympics. There are stories of people getting thrown from their boats and ending up on the other end, which must be completely terrifying.


First video: "WTF"
Second video: “Oh neat.”

That would be a good spot to hide from The Predator.


There’s a cave off the mendocino coast you can get into at low tide, on a low wave. But you have to time your coming and going because even at low tide a wave will either whisk you in, or whisk you out, or smack you into the ceiling if you’re not on the same page as the wave.

Some time after going in and out, pulling the boat out for the day and having a beer I realized that was a really dangerous place, and a really really easy place to die if your timing was wrong. otherwise great fun!


I had some whitewater background as a youth and after college my old teacher said a new outfitter was hiring. After completing several days of raft-guide training, I was “down” with the seasoned guides and we went out to the bar. The road back to the outfitter’s went along the (calm, night-dammed) river and the guy just pulled over without explanation and led us across the rocks and was like “swim here.” I was fascinated but I was very much thinking “we’re all gonna make the morning news: Drunk Raft Guides Dead, Wedged Into Underwater Rock Fissure.” After doing it once, though, it was very tame, not like your thing at all. During the day with the water flowing, though…


Yelp reviews all say “this place really sucks!” and yet somehow it’s still popular.


Meanwhile, in Yorkshire there’s The Strid


I’ll give you points for trying but “cuspida” is a substantive (the spit), you need a verb (to spit) . It’s “pedra que cospe” (rock that spits). Sort of ruined the joke for me.


Trindade is astonishingly beautiful with amazing beaches and natural ponds and a pirate lore with stories of buried treasures. I went there two years ago (but didn’t go to the caves, anyway I would chicken out) - - it’s worth the trip!


Grammatical correction accepted.


I’m waiting for someone to take a go pro in there. I guess when their body eventually emerges, we can take a peek at the memory card to see what might be down there.


While the videos were cool, the headline and write up here on Boing Boing bear NO resemeblence to what actually happens.


This is going to give me nightmares about Ted the Caver again.


I’d like to go in there, but, my ass doesn’t think it’s a very good idea.


It is The Weirdstone of Brisingamen for me. Anything about caves, especially tight spaces, gives me the shivers.


hm… i think i read this manga


That’s giving me flashbacks to a cave I went into in upstate New York that was accessed through a (dry) feature called ‘the gun barrel’–a fifty-foot long tunnel with an average diameter of 14".