Swarm robots for airplane engine maintenance

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they should come with a tracking system to know just exactly how many of them are in the engine and a slightly bigger one capable of dragging one of these out if it malfunctions while in the engine.

edited to add: No, the retriever-bot needs to be no bigger than the lost-bot. If it can’t get in the hole the other bot is stuck in, it won’t be able to retrieve it.


My first thought too - I could just see one li’l guy breaking down and getting sucked into the intake or something when the engines are fired up




I for one welcome our new swarm of robot overlords.


Relax - what’s the worst that could happen?

(Went looking for a video of exploding engine, but it turns out, if you get sucked into a jet engine, the engine will be just fine.)


Also, the retriever bot should stand around leaning on a tiny shovel watching the other bots work, to mimic human worker best practices


Relax. Elon Musk has got you covered.

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Smart FOD.   

I’ve seen video footage of Rolls-Royce performing a ‘blade-out’ test on the main fan for one of their engines; it was both anti-climatic and terrifying at the same time. (the one I saw was from the BBC Series “How to build…”, but there’s one on Youtube from the airbus A380. (it could be the same video, I don’t have the two in front of me to compare.)

Channeling Brian Hanrahan…

I’m not allowed to say how many bots joined the raid, but I counted them all out , and I counted them all back .


My friend does QA on Rolls Royce jet engines. He seems to be good at it, but if you met him, you would immediately want to replace him with a robot.

So how long until they develop these little crawlers to perform colonoscopies, so they can put a little robotic bug up your ass?

Asking for a friend.


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Wrong direction (these get swallowed), but here you go:

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Inspection is different from maintenance. But it is just a matter of time before those swarming bubbles go rogue.

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